Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 19 - Washington Capitals vs. Edmonton Oilers (at Edmonton)

I couldn't actually watch this game because for some crazy reason, I am unable to get CSN+ through my Comcast cable. I ended up listening to the radio broadcast online. Neil and I spent the entire day being snowed into our apartment because of Blizzard 2009 and counting the hours until the game and then when it was finally 10 pm, there was no game on TV. Blergh.

Listening to the broadcast wasn't terrible. I wish I could have seen them playing, but the broadcasters did a good job of telling me what was going on.

Basically, the first 40 minutes were lame  - a combo of the Edmonton goalie being on his game and the Caps not trying hard enough - and then the Caps caught fire. Ovie got two goals and an assist in the third period. Fleischmann and Backstrom each got a goal and the Caps won 4-2.

Apparently, Coach Boudreau gave an inspiring lecture (or really yelled at them) between periods 2 and 3 and it really worked.

Some interesting things about the radio broadcast:
1) You could hear the Edmonton announcer and he was funny-sounding. He sounded kind of nerdy.
2) You could hear when the fans cheered or booed and when Ovie scored there was a heck of a lot of cheering. Apparently there were many fans there in Ovechkin jerseys and I am sure not many of them actually live in DC.
3) In some ways, I was paying even closer attention to the game because I had to listen and then visualize what the announcers were saying. If I didn't know as much about hockey, it would have been really hard to follow, which is probably why I can't stand it when Neil tries to listen to radio broadcasts of football when we're in the car.

The Caps planned to fly home to DC last night and I wonder how that worked out for them since all the airports were closed nearly all of yesterday. Due to Snowpacolypse 2009, our trip to Oregon has been postponed and we'll be around for the home game Wednesday. I'm looking forward to seeing the Caps crack Ryan Miller and score some goals.

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