Monday, December 28, 2009

Holy Hockey News!

The Capitals news of the moment is that Chris Clark (the captain) and Milan Jurcina were traded to the Columbus blue jackets for Jason Chimera, a winger who injured Ovechkin earlier this season. This means more cap space for salaries and the Caps need a new captain.

I was pretty surprised by this move. Neither Clark nor Jurcina were our best players, but they were certainly not the worst. I am sure the team will miss them. As an athlete, you must always know this is a possibility in the back of your mind, but it still has to be shocking when it happens.

From the fan's perspective, neither player was a favorite of mine, but I still think it's a little sad to take two guys off the team who have been a part of it for so long. Especially Clark who was around in the days when nobody showed up for games. What a bummer for him if the Caps go all the way this year.

I don't know much about this new Chimera character. He'll be wearing number 25. I hope he's a good fit for the team.

In other news, Alexander Semin signed a 1 year contract with the Caps which is great news. I am happy that Semin will be sticking around. I hope he renews again next year. He's a really great addition to the team (especially when he's not injured).

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