Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 13 - Washington Capitals vs. St. Louis Blues

Blergh. The Capitals put together a much better all around effort tonight. Jose Theodore made some amazing saves, the defense was actually playing, Knuble scored two and Semin scored on another sweet wrist shot, and yet, the Caps lost in a shootout.

I think this is a much better way to go into the Olympic break than with the past two games, but I wish it could have been a win. The St. Louis team was way better than I expected them to be. Since we only play them once a year, I wasn't that tuned into them.

Coach Boudreau seems pretty angry about the hit on Matt Bradley... and I don't blame him. I hope Bradley is ok and has time to rest and heal over this break. I also hope the player who hit him - whose name escapes me - gets a lengthy suspension.

There are rumors that GM George McPhee is looking at some trades before the deadline, which could mean this was the last time the Caps as we know them played together. At least they put together a solid effort. I hope they don't change the team too much - I do love these Caps.

Tonight's viewing was a bit lonely. Neil's in Morocco for work and it was just me and the dogs (my mom is visiting, but she was in the other room on the phone). I'm looking forward to watching some Olympic hockey, but it's sad to think there are no Caps games until early March! I am sure there will be some hockey blog posts soon...

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