Friday, February 12, 2010

February 17 - Washington Capitals vs. Montreal Canadiens (at Montreal)

And the streak is over. This was a wildly entertaining game and the Caps mounted a huge comeback which included Brooks Laich's first ever hat trick. He scored his third goal with mere seconds remaining in the third period and forced the game to overtime and Neil, Erik and our friend Ambrose and I were on the edges of our blizzard-bound seats.

There were more high fives in my living room on Wednesday night than any night in memory as the Capitals scored goal after goal and came back to tie. And yet, they lost. Ovie had a goal in the second period that was disallowed after being called a goal and to many, the call seemed questionable. If the goal had been allowed, the streak would have continued and history would have been altered.

The team has definitely been loose on the defense and there have been many comeback situations that could have been avoided if the Caps hadn't allowed quite so many goals.

As a fan, the streak was magical. It is amazingly fun to watch your team win game after game after game. It's sad that the streak has ended, but it's also OK for the Caps to face some adversity now - all the better to build more character and use it to win the Cup in June. Let's go Caps!

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