Thursday, February 4, 2010

Red Rocker Fail - Her Favorite Book is Facebook???

Red Rocker Sarah says her favorite book is Facebook. Oh dear.

I was torn when the Red Rockers arrived at Verizon Center last year, but I liked that their uniforms covered most of their bodies and they didn't seem to be pushing negative ditzy female cheerleader stereotypes forward. I have always wondered about the female entertainment at sports games - do men really need hot women to look at when they're supposed to be focusing on the game and cheering for their team? I get the athleticism of cheerleaders and I like it. I respect them. I like when female skaters come on the ice during Capitals intermissions and I am totally cool with a Capitals spirit squad - the Red Rockers. It's nice having excited people jumping up and down throwing out t-shirts and Chipotle burritos... I believe it adds to the ambiance at the game. There is even at least one male Red Rocker. Way to go Caps!

However, I have found that the interviews of the Red Rockers that are shown on the big screen at games, and certainly Red Rocker Sara's little online Q and A seem to oversimplify these women and make them seem unintelligent. If Sarah is a financial analyst, she must have brains. I am guessing she was joking with the Facebook comment... but oh how I wish she made it more clear.

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