Monday, January 11, 2010

If US Weekly Says Hockey is Cool, It Must Be

I am going to make a confession. In spite of myself, I enjoy ending the week with a leisurely reading/picture looking through celebrity gossip magazine US Weekly. When I first discovered the magazine's de-stressing powers a few years back, I was ashamed to subscribe because I didn't want my name on the subscriber list in case it would lower my intellectual street cred. Eventually, though, the $4.95 cover price drove me to subscribe and I haven't looked back since.

In every issue of US Weekly, after the steamy stories about Tiger Woods and where he's hiding out this week and the photos of celebrities holding their children and going to the gym, there is a feature called Buzz-o-meter where the intrepid US weekly staff ranks a few trendy things as being popular among celebrities. Usually there is a restaurant or night club, a beauty product, a pair of $800 shoes and a designer's new $3,500 purse. This past week, however, in the second-most-buzzworthy position was...wait for it...HOCKEY.

That's right. It's no longer only LA Lakers games that attract the rich and famous. Apparently, enough celebrities (including Zac Effron!) have been spotted at recent NHL games to make hockey buzzworthy. Wow. Each week in Sports Illustrated (see, my reading habits are diverse) there's a small feature called "Sign of the Apocalypse" or something like that and I think that hockey turning up in US Weekly would fit very well in that section. Maybe I'll pitch it for next week's issue.

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