Thursday, January 7, 2010

Things I Have Done Since Becoming a Sports Fan That I Never Thought I Would Do

1. Subscribe to Sports Illustrated and ESPN magazine in MY name.
2. Spend an entire day at a fan convention and enjoy it.
3. Lurk around after practice to get autographs from athletes!?!
4. Attend hockey practice.
5. Attend pre-season hockey practice for prospects and feel really excited about it.
6. Stop watching my TV shows (Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives) in favor of watching all the Capitals away games on TV and attend all the home games in person.
7. Obsessively check hockey blogs.
8. Subscribe for text message updates about the Caps. (I NEVER subscribe for any texts and NEVER give out my cell #)
9. Spend more than $200 on a necklace consisting of a silver #8.
10. Purchase a hockey jersey to wear to games.
11. Get into smack talk with friends who are fans of other teams.
12. Memorize sports statistics.
13. Care about sports statistics.
14. Pay to have my photo taken with a hockey player.
15. Attend a hockey seminar for women and learn how to take slapshots from Capitals players.
16. Attempt to never miss the post game press conference with the coach.
17. Email the team's owner.
18. Start a hockey blog.

I'm sure there are lots more where those came from... but that's a start. :) For the record, I am happy to have done all of those things, even if I never expected to do them.

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