Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More About Captain Ovie

The Washington Post has a great article this morning about Ovie's new position. I particularly like the section below, which shows how well-liked Ovechkin is by his teammates and also a level of maturity he has that many assume he lacks.

In recent days, Boudreau discussed options for the captaincy with McPhee and the team's veteran leaders. The decision, as it turned out, wasn't as difficult as Boudreau anticipated.

"I had talked to a lot of [players] the last couple of days and they said Alex is the only choice," Boudreau said. "He's our leader, he's our guy. What shows he was ready was when I talked to him two or three days ago, he said he would accept the responsibility but 'only if my teammates want it.' He was already thinking about the team instead of himself, which is what captains do."

Ovechkin added: "It means a lot. It shows they trust me and they want me to be the captain, I said right away, 'Bruce, if you want me to be captain, ask [other] guys if they want me to be captain.' "
Hooray for Captain Ovie! 

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