Thursday, October 15, 2009

Back in DC and Ready to Rock the Red

I have returned to the Southwest and am looking forward to tonight's game against San Jose. In the meantime, some observations.

First: There's a great story about Mike Green in today's Washington Post. I'm the kind of fan who just loves the players and doesn't like it when they get picked on and maligned by other fans. Of course, I noticed that Green wasn't playing well last year during the playoffs, but instead of getting mad at him, it just made me sad for him. I know the fans who get mad also just care about the team, but for me, the negative energy doesn't appeal. If a player isn't playing his best, odds are he's aware of it and is more mad at himself than any angry fan in a Mike Green jersey. Anyways, the article talks about how Green got back into good form and is finally feeling comfortable again.

Next: The Washington Capitals are known for being at the head of the league in terms of their web presence. They excel at social networking and online video and have a fantastic website with great content. This is why, when I saw their new "10 Burning Questions With..." feature I was excited.

The premise: someone on the Capitals staff is interviewing the players and asking them each 10 questions. The answers are featured every couple of weeks on the website and a link goes out in the fan email. The problem: so far, the players are answering these questions with one and two-word answers. The most hilarious part of the whole thing is the pull quote on the right side of the page. The designer was clearly under the impression that the gentlemen would be speaking in full sentences.

I think the title refers to the theme of this year's opening video which features lots of flames, but I am not sure that what a hockey player's favorite food is qualifies as a burning question. Somehow, the PR/Marketing department has overlooked this new feature, but I think they'd be wise to take another look. What makes the team so likable is that the people on it seem warm and intelligent and passionate. The answers to these survey questions convey none of those things and just further the stereotype of the inarticulate athlete.


Jodi said...
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Neil said...

Well said. Glad you are back in 419 for tonight!