Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October 6 - Washington Capitals vs. Philadelphia Flyers (In Philly)

Bummer. I had a rough day at work, came home completely exhausted with a list of things to do that was a mile long and put everything off to don my Capitals sweatshirt and settle into the couch for some hockey. The game was hugely entertaining after the nonscoring first period. But then we lost in overtime. :(

Notable from tonight's game, Brooks Laich has some catching up to do if he wants to keep pace with Ovie on the scoring. Semin's first goal was a thing of beauty. Varly's meltdown in goal was too bad, but doesn't seem insurmountable to me. The Caps got a point for going into overtime - yay.

And finally, I really really really hate the Flyers.

I have not spent much time in Pennsylvania, but it is a state filled with enemy hockey teams that make my blood boil with hatred and so, I have an anti-Pennsylvania policy. I have friends from the state, sure, and it doesn't make me want to no longer be friends with them,  but we do have to be very careful when discussing their homeland - especially if they have a fondness for their hometown hockey teams. When people bring up Philly or Pittsburgh in casual conversation, it takes all my willpower to restrain myself from saying things I might regret.

The Flyers, in their orange jerseys, give me an automatic headache and they are just so mean. I love the Capitals because it's a team of good guys, guys you'd want to hang out with. Sure, some of them are more like the bad boys I liked in high school, but you know they're still nice behind their fast driving and multiple tattoos. The Flyers are like the bullies, they're a bunch of high school football players in the wrong uniforms. I. Don't. Like. Them.

It's ok. We'll beat them next time.

Before the game, I walked by a store that I pass daily. It is a fancy clothing store that uses all natural and organic fabrics and makes flowy skirts and dresses. I think the target is wealthy, middle-aged, environmentally-conscious women. I went inside once and realized that I could not afford a thing in there and if I were to wear any of it, I would instantly look 45 years old. Yet, I really like the store. The reason I like it is that ever since the Caps were in the playoffs two years ago and lost to the Flyers (boo) in ovewrtime of game 7, Pua Naturally has had a hockey stick in their window display. It's tucked into the corner, but it's there and everytime I pass by, it makes me smile.

Today, the window display was greatly improved with one of the mannequins proudly wearing a Caps t-shirt! I smiled the rest of the way home after taking these photos.


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