Monday, October 5, 2009

Why I Love Coach Bruce Boudreau

The Capitals have a fantastic coach with lots of endearing qualities. I met Coach Boudreau last year when I attended Hockey in Heels and learned that he's as magnanimous and warm in person as he seems from afar. And without further ado, here are some reasons I love Bruce Boudreau:

1. My dad's name is Bruce, Coach Boudreau's name is Bruce. There is something very comforting and friendly about middle-aged men named Bruce.

2. He doesn't coach by yelling at his players, he's nice to them and he seems to really value them all as people, not just as athletes.

3. He is not scary like some professional coaches seem to be and he likes talking to fans.

4. He was in the movie Slapshot which is really hilarious and I recommend it to any hockey fan.

5. He has a Canadian accent.

6. He worked for his success and still seems a little bit in awe of having made it to the NHL coaching level. The humbleness he has maintained is endearing.

7. He is hilarious! Some evidence below:

Boudreau told the media he doesn't mind that 37-year-old Mike Knuble skips morning skates: "He's a 102 years old and he doesn't want to waste his body," Boudreau joked. "He's going to play a lot of hockey. And I asked him about this. If he didn't take them in Philadelphia and played all 82 games, we would like him to play all 82 games."

8. He speaks his mind and tells the truth, to fans, media and players.

9. He is small and cute and I would like to bring him home and put him on my couch and keep him there - except, he has some hockey games to win.

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