Sunday, October 4, 2009

October 3 - Washington Capitals vs. Toronto Maple Leafs

The home opener was a blast. Neil and I arrived earlier than necessary because we wanted to make sure we got Mike Green bobbleheads. (We got them and they're great, but they make his eyes look very asymmetrical... strange. Perhaps equally strange is the entire bobblehead phenomenon. Who decided they were cool and then how on earth did they convince me and thousands of other fans that they were right and bobbleheads are cool?)

The majority of the 18,000+ people at the game were wearing red and the Caps had face paint stations and sign-making materials available before the game to help make the arena even more spirited.

It was nice to see our friends in section 419 - many of whom weren't around the last couple weeks at preseason games.

My main takeaway from the game last night is that Brooks Laich and Ovie are still tied for goals this season at 3! After the game, a reporter asked Coach Boudreau if Laich will keep up all season and Bruce quickly said "No." I thought his answer was both hilarious and also a little mean. Who knows, maybe Brooksie is on fire and this is his season? ;)

After the second period when the score was 6-1, the whole building seemed to be high on success. And then the third period happened. To me, it didn't seem like a complete and total collapse, but they did seem tired and they all made a few mistakes. I'm not sure what Varly could have done to stop the goals that went in that period, but he seemed to be blaming himself in his post-game interview. I do think he gives up a lot of juicy rebounds and if he froze the puck a little more often, he may have more success. But I am most definitely not a hockey coach. As a fan, I was happy with the game. We won! I got an eagle spray painted on my face! We ate some gross fried food! I screamed my voice away! And, only 80 more games to win in the regular season!

It was great to have the neighborhood filled with happy Caps fans post-game. On our walk home from the stadium as the red-clad masses streamed around us on on the sidewalks and car horns honked three times... "Let's. Go. Caps." I asked myself how we survived all summer without hockey. Let the season begin!

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