Saturday, October 17, 2009

Varly Gets The Start

It's another hockey day! Since Varly is getting the start in goal tonight, I thought it would be a good time to debut the T-Shirt that Neil and I designed during last year's playoffs. Drumroll please....

Yes, that llama is wearing ice skates. Every time we wear them around Caps fans, we get lots of laughs and compliments, so we're making them available to anyone who wants to own one. Just click here to go to The View From 419 store on Cafe Press.

In case it's not obvious, the idea for the shirt came last spring when Varly finally corrected the media on the pronunciation of his name. Neil and I remembered how to pronounce it because there is a llama in the middle. Then I designed the shirt. It's almost impossible for a non-Caps fan to figure out what the shirt means, but it makes a good conversation starter. And so far, Caps fans tend to figure the shirt out pretty quickly. Maybe if more of us wear them around the arena, Varly will start to feel a little more confident about his glove hand? (Or, perhaps that will just come with more practice.)

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