Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 29 - Washington Capitals vs. Atlanta Thrashers (at Atlanta)

La di da hockey. That's what Coach Bruce Boudreau called it and I agree. The reason the Caps won tonight was Varly.

We had a great first two periods and then the Capitals collapsed in the third period...again. I really hope they get out of this pattern.

In good news, Ovie got two more goals tonight and is leading the league in goals and points. Brooks Laich had three assists. Varly was awesome. Brendan Morrison had a sweet goal and the Capitals won!

It is really nice to see that both of our goaltenders are playing at the top of their games. Many doubters say that goal tending is the team's weak spot and I don't agree. If the Caps can just keep their energy up in the third period and keep motivated when they have the lead, they'll be in good shape.

Can't wait until tomorrow night. I hope the Caps get plenty of rest this evening.

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skinz21rip said...

let's get the defense going!!!