Friday, October 9, 2009

October 8 - Washington Capitals vs. New York Rangers

I suppose that if I had to miss a home game, this was a good one to skip out on. After tonight's game, the Capitals lead the league in goals scored and goals scored against. Naysayers always cite the goalies and the defense when they doubt the Caps' ability to win the cup and a statistic like that doesn't do anything to prove them wrong.

It sounds like Coach Boudreau was not happy after the game tonight. Hopefully he can inspire the team to step it up a notch and play like they know they can.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying visiting my family and I did a relatively good job of paying attention to them in spite of my absorption in the radio coverage of the game and then for the third period, ESPN's cell phone updates. Oh the resourcefulness of sports fans.

Bright spot: Backstrom's two goal game!

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