Thursday, November 19, 2009

Close Encounters With Mike Green

Last night, Neil and I were walking around Chinatown before the Wizards game and we stopped at a corner for traffic when I saw a very cute sports car sitting in front of us with someone in it who looked a whole lot like Mike Green.

I turned to Neil and said, "I swear that's Mike Green in that car." At this point we were like four feet away from the car.

Neil said, "I thought it looked like him too." And then, because Neil is Neil, he yelled, "Green!" and Mike Green, of course, turned and looked at us. He looked slightly confused and all I could do was blush, wave and smile. He waved back and the car drove off.

I wanted to get a look at who was in the driver's seat, because it was a very nice car and it could have been Ovie. But, alas, no luck.

I hope Mike had fun at the game.

Update: Looks like that could have been Ovie driving.

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