Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Washington Capitals Day and My Trip to the Jumbotron

With all the commotion over Ovie's injury and the loss to Columbus, I forgot to mention that I was on the jumbotron on Sunday evening!

Neil convinced me to send in my photo of me in Caps gear by Sun Mountain in Santa Fe. The Caps wanted to know how fans rocked the red in the off season. I sent the photo in several weeks ago (with the disclaimer that it was taken in early Fall at the beginning of the season, not actually in the off season) and didn't think anything of it and then suddenly, there I was, much larger than lifesize, on the jumbotron. I am really not one for getting up in front of crowds and being in the spotlight, so of course, I blushed as soon as I saw myself and Neil started hooting and hollering. Yikes.

In spite of the embarrassment, it was cool to be up there on the screen. I am just hoping they don't show the same montage at a bunch more games!

In other news, yesterday was my birthday AND it was declared to be the official Washington Capitals Day by the DC city council. Coincidence or cosmic sign?

Yeah, I know, coincidence.

Tonight the Caps play in New Jersey with Ovie watching from the press box. I have a good feeling about the game. I think they're going to step up and play like winners. Go Caps!

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