Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Trip Into Enemy Territory - Mr. Rogers Rocks The Red

This weekend, Neil, Andy and I went to (gasp) Pittsburgh. While our trip was completely non-hockey-related - we were there to tour Mr. Rogers' neighborhood of make believe - reminders of the fact that we were in enemy territory were everywhere.

There were sports paraphernalia stores packed with Steelers and Penguins gear, the newspaper dispensers had Penguins ads on them and Penguins fans were all over town showing their Penguin pride. Interestingly, there were quite a few Penguins fans waiting in the same long line as us to see the set from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.

 It was the last time the set will be on display before being put into storage and Pittsburgh residents came out in droves. We waited for about two hours and I had plenty of time to spot all the enemy fans in the crowd.

First I noticed a man with a sweatshirt tied around his waist.

Then there was the kid in the ridiculous third jersey.

What are the Penguins' colors anyways? Black? Gold? Powder blue?

Next I saw a man with his jacket tied around his waist.

He may have noticed me taking the photo.

We were beginning to feel outnumbered. But I had my Caps gear hiding in my bag.

There were some guys in T-Shirts.

And a guy who looked like he might kick my butt if he saw me at a game.

And then there was a very confused fan. Clearly, she loves hockey, but which team?

All these hockey fans waited for hours to see the set from Mr. Rogers. Hmm...

We finally made it inside and it was cool to see familiar scenes from my childhood.

We tried to blend in among the Penguins fans. No need to rock the boat, or create animosity among fellow Mr. Rogers fans. We were in enemy territory, after all.

But don't worry. Mr. Rogers was rocking the red.


britten said...

I remember the olden days when your favorite color was blue. I also love that you got to see Mr. Roger's neighborhood (and think you're hilarious for taking all those pictures of "the enemy"). Did you hear that one time, somebody stole Mr. Roger's car from in front of his house? And it made it into the news reports, because that's kind of a big deal. And the next day, his car returned with a note that said, "I didn't know it was yours." I love that story.

Justin said...

The Penguins original uniform in 1967 were powder blue. They now wear their throwbacks as their third jersey. But, as a Caps fan, I'm sure you don't care! Lol.