Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 21 - Washington Capitals vs. Toronto Maple Leafs (in Toronto)

Tonight, the Caps lost against the worst team in the NHL. Blergh.

Fortunately, it was a shootout loss and the Caps came away with a point. Ovie was back on his game tonight and scored the only goal for Washington off great passes from Brooks Laich and then Mike Green. It was a very pretty play.

While last night, the Caps outplayed Montreal, I think they were outplayed by Toronto tonight. I am not sure the official shot count, but the only reason the Caps stayed in the game was the outstanding goaltending by Varlamov. He was incredible. Unfortunately, I think he psyched himself out in the shootout and we lost.

Carlson was good tonight again. We have a bunch of players from Hershey playing right now because of all the Caps injuries. The little guys are doing pretty well, but I would like the injured players to hurry up and get better. Right now we're missing: Knuble, Poti, Gordon, S. Morrison, Jurcina, Laing, Semin... I think that's everyone. Way too many players to have out at one time.

One more game on the road in Canada on Monday at Ottawa and then back to Verizon Center where I will be rocking the red, of course.

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lia853 said...

Dear Jodi,

If you can't be nice about the Toronto Maple Leafs I might have to come to your house and steal the Mr. Potato Head back.

Please be nice about my home team even while they are refinding any vestiges of talent that they might have once had.