Sunday, November 29, 2009

November 28 - Washington Capitals vs. Montreal Canadiens (at Montreal)

Whewh! This was certainly an exciting game.

In brief summary: The Caps took the lead. The Caps gave away the lead and fell behind by one goal. Eric Fehr scored a goal with an assist from Ovie when there were 11.4 seconds remaining in the game. Backstrom scored the only goal in the shootout. Caps win!

Neil and I, apparently still experiencing Turkey hangover, watched the game from our living room. We had flirted with the idea of driving the 10 or so hours to Montreal to go to the game since we had the time off for the holiday. However, the game was sold out and we weren't quite crazy enough to commit to 20 hours in a car for one hockey game. Maybe next time.

I will say, that it would have been a fun one to see in person. The second period, when the Caps stopped playing, would have been not so fun, but hey, it wasn't fun to watch that from home, either.

Ovie and Varly were both really on top of their games as was Eric Fehr, who scored two of the Caps' three goals. It was also nice to see Backstrom get an assist and then the shootout goal. He'd gone something like 8 games without getting any points.

It was really good to see the team pull together in the final minutes of the game and get that goal (in the final seconds). It was just the kind of comeback they needed and they made it happen. 

I can't wait for the team to get back to DC for their game Wednesday... All these away games are really making me crazy.

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