Saturday, November 7, 2009

November 6 - Washington Capitals vs. Florida Panthers (at Florida)

Simultaneously: Whewh, the Caps finally won (4-1)! and Yikes, I hope Green and Schultz feel better in a hurry.

I was not actually watching last night. We have a friend in town and were out to dinner, but I checked the score on the Blackberry repeatedly.

Since I don't have a bunch of intelligent commentary on the game, I think it is time to let my readers know that my dogs are Caps fans.

This is Wiley in his new Capitals T-Shirt. (Thank you Julia!)

And this is Barbie (we didn't name her, I swear.)

They aren't exactly rocking the red, but they do cheer on the team on game days!

We're taking our friend Andy to the game tonight. It will be his first hockey game ever, so I am hoping they put on a good show and, of course, win again.

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